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Steering committee

NU Qatar Faculty

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Michael Turcios, Mancosh Fellow (Ph.D. University of Southern California)
  • Patrick Fiorilli, (Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology)

Assistant Professor of Instruction

  • Nathaniel Rossi (Ph.D. UT-Austin)


Students in Screen Cultures take courses in many departments across the university and often include faculty from other departments on their exam/dissertation committee. Below is a partial list of affiliate faculty with whom our students are currently working.

Larissa Buchholz
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Joshua Chambers-Letson
Professor of Performance Studies

Aymar Jean Christian
Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Nick Davis
Associate Professor of English and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dilip Gaonkar
Professor, Rhetoric and Public Culture
Director of the Center for Global Culture and Communication (CGCC)

James Hodge
Associate Professor of English and the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

Michelle Huang
Assistant Professor of English and Asian American Studies

Justin Mann
Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies

Jolie Matthews
Assistant Professor of the Learning Sciences, Faculty Associate, Institute for Policy Research

Janice C. Radway
Walter Dill Scott Professor of Communication Studies,
Professor of American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Domietta Torlasco
Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Literary Studies